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HTbS - Chapters Two & Three

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Delivered By
Cole Newton
Delivered On
October 1, 2020
Reading Together: Heaven Taken by Storm

Chapter Two Outline

  • Mortification of Sin
  • Provocation to Duty

Chapter Three Outline

  • Each paragraph in this chapter is essentially its own separate point on reading the Word.
  • Read the Word as…
    • a book made by God Himself.
    • a perfect rule of faith.
    • a soul-enriching treasury.
    • a book of evidences.
    • a spiritual magazine out of which you fetch all your weapons to fight against sin and Satan.
    • a spiritual glass to dress yourself by.
    • a book of spiritual recipes.
    • a sovereign elixir to comfort you in distress.
    • the last will and testament of Christ.
    • a book by which you must be judged.


Questions for Reflection

  • What reasons does Watson give for mortifying sin?
  • Do you agree that prayer is the best means of battling sin?
  • In what ways do you find your heart sluggish to the things of God?
  • Which of Watson’s descriptions of God’s Word stood out most to you? Why?
  • How might you become more diligent in reading the Word?